Jacek Lakomiec

Rumblings of the curious mind


# Spinn3r

For the last three years it’s been my pleasure to work with Jacek Lakomiec who served as Director of Operations at Spinn3r.

I have been consistently impressed by Jacek’s attitude, productivity, and skillset during the time that he worked at Spinn3r.

During his tenure at Spinn3r Jacek managed large scale infrastructure pushing the petabyte range including large deployments on both Cassandra and Elasticsearch.

Jacek helped out in a number of areas which were critically important for the company.

Jacek was critical in our migration from our datacenter in Washington, DC to our
datacenter in Germany. This involved a great deal of time and planning and we were able to execute the migration flawlessly.

During the migration our existing provider (Softlayer) was unable to transfer data
between Washington, DC and Germany fast enough to complete the migration. Jacek engineered a strategy to transfer data to another subnet within Softlayer which radically improved our throughput to Germany.

It’s this type of creative problem solving that makes Jacek so valuable when contributing to larger teams.

I recommend Mr. Lakomiec without reservation. I am confident that he will establish productive relationships with your team.

Kevin Burton
CEO, Spinn3r, Inc

# Vero

Jacek joined our team to help us manage our infrastructure. His first project with us was stabilising an extremely old and temperamental Elasticsearch cluster, which was and continues to be a real success for us. From there, Jacek was the lead on a project to migrate a 30-node managed Cassandra cluster to a self-managed one, hosted on our own, dedicated infrastructure.

He was a pleasure to work with and his attention to detail throughout the project was second-to-none.

He worked long and hard to push this project forward and it is clear that his knowledge of large-scale, clustered database is thorough and his approach to building scalable, maintainable infrastructure evidently comes from years of experience.

Thanks Jacek for all of your work at Vero.

Chris Hexton
CEO, Vero