Jacek Lakomiec

Rumblings of the curious mind

Who am I

  • an IT-er (DBRE / SRE / DevOps / SysAdmin – you name it) with 20+ years of experience
  • large distributed databases passionate
  • constantly knowledge hungry, driven by a curious mind
  • believer that repetitive tasks are for scripts and algorithms – not humans
  • a world traveler
  • “wannabe” martial artist

I’m open-minded and curious about the world(s). Under no circumstance I take anything for granted and prefer to question theories or solutions, trying to look at things from different angles. Whether it’s a specific martial art, style or IT tool/service, I don’t immediately assume a given choice is the only “correct” one. I tend to believe there is no one golden tool to fix everything. Instead, there are specific tools for specific tasks. Having that in mind – usually there is no single way to tackle problems. Just as there are many routes you can take to arrive at the destination, there are many ways to fix issues.

I’m also open to meeting people and discussing various topics and ideas. If you can pool your servers to train your machine learning algorithms, then why wouldn’t humans pool to achieve something greater than a single individual?

You might be working on a new project and struggle to find all the answers or you’ve built something already but it doesn’t work as expected or it’s unstable. You might not have all the necessary knowledge in the world to fix and create everything by yourself, in which case you need to seek for help from those that have mastered certain skills or technologies. Perhaps there’s something I’m great on and could possibly help you with your struggle?

Some of notable achievements:

  • Automated deployment, scaling and monitoring of a very large (>10k) Linux server fleet
  • Built, scaled and maintained a PetaByte range, 100+ instances, ElasticSearch clusters with over 30 Billion documents, multi-tier setup with cold + warm + hot nodes
  • Architected and deployed a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Code setup for Apache Cassandra cluster (>100 TB, triple-digit node count) 

I do provide following consulting services:

  • Large distributed data stores (Cassandra and Elasticsearch)
  • AWS / GCP / Azure cloud migrations
  • Kubernetes / microservices
  • deployment automation

Feel free to have a look at my skills.