Jacek Lakomiec

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Consulting / skills

  • SQL and NoSQL databases and data stores:
    – Apache Cassandra (backup and restore, snapshots, deployments, upgrades, repairs, multi-datacenter setups, regular maintenance, monitoring)
    – ElasticSearch (debugging stability issues, upgrading to newer versions, setting disk usage watermarks, performance tuning, memory usage optimizations, deployments, regular maintenance, monitoring)
    – MySQL / MariaDB
  • Cloud providers:
    – AWS (EKS, ACM, ASM, S3, EC2, ELB, ECR, ECS, VPC, SG, Auto Scaling, Launch Config, Route-53)
    – Azure
    – GCP
  • Deployment automation and provisioning:
    – Kubernetes
    – Ansible
    – Vagrant
    – Docker
    – Kubernetes
    – Git
    – Travis CI, TeamCity, Jenkins
  • Operating Systems:
    – Debian GNU/Linux
    – Ubuntu
    – RedHat / CentOS

In case you don’t find what you’re looking for on the list above, or, you’ve actually managed to find it, just drop me a line.